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Welcome to Tutorialsfree.org A ultimate educational Platform.

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I, Blogger Rajeev have started Tutorialfree.org website with the sole Aim of helping needy students in their preparation, and study online. Every service provided at our platform is free and will always be!! We are based in India, presently Located in Bangalore, Karnataka- 560079.

Tutorialfree.orgyour own School, invite you to write for us, Be the voice of India and of World.

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Blogger Rajeev
An avid Blogger proud to be insanely Opinionated ! believes in changing world and myself together.

Contact me at admin@tutorialsfree.org

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Help Everyone!!

We aim to built a Super Help Forum for Candidates who seeks Jobs in Various reputed firms. So if you have been interviewed by a company in Past and you remember the questions that were asked in Interview(even vaguely) then please submit here. You will be doing a great help to fellow candidates who are in need of Guidance. Don’t hesitate, please submit your experience and Interview questions. Please Mention the company name in title, description and Tag.

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